Got a Wrinkle? Get Rid of It With Skin Tightening

If you're aging and are tired of wrinkles ruining your complexion, you don't have to slather on the makeup to hide them.
In Toronto, skin tightening has become one of the most commonly performed treatments to fight this pesky sign of aging. A series of treatments will smooth away your wrinkles and lines, leaving your complexion flawless (or close to it!). 

Skin tightening treatment, as performed by ReFirme™,  utilizes advanced laser energy combined with radio frequency energy. This patented technology, known as elōs™, is really the latest and greatest in terms of non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Although hundreds of thousands of cosmetic surgical procedures are still  being performed annually, non-surgical methods are and will always be favoured by the public because of their ability to achieve fantastic results with less or no downtime and far fewer negative side effects. Think about it - the alternative to skin tightening treatment is a facelift. A surgical facelift involves an extensive surgical procedure that usually lasts a few hours, the administration of anesthesia (which poses its own set of risks including the rare one of death) and then a lengthy recovery that requires considerable post-operative care instructions and months of healing. On the other hand, non-invasive skin tightening requires just a topical anesthetic at most to minimize discomfort, practically no downtime so you can carry on with your regular daily activities immediately after a procedure, plus far less intensive post-procedural care instructions to follow. Despite the fact that results appear gradually with a series of treatments, laser skin tightening is really the way to go if you can't afford the time and care necessary for surgery, and you want to avoid going under the knife. 

But the real question to ask then, is does skin tightening work?

Of course! Medical clinics across Toronto wouldn't be offering the treatment if it didn't garner a loyal following of men and women tired of looking older than they actually are. Let's take a look at industry's gold standard of skin tightening technologies, ReFirme™.

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening
ReFirme™ features elōs™, a combination of light energy with bipolar radio frequency (RF) waves. When directed at a wrinkle, the energy gently warms the inner layers of the skin in the target area to precisely stimulate collagen production on a cellular level without damaging healthy skin. With dramatically improved levels of collagen in the skin, your wrinkles are plumped up and smoothed away in the time following your sessions. Loose skin can also be targeted, so get ready to say goodbye to those jowls and belly sag! Yes, the results appear gradually, but patients promise that it's totally worth the wait.

So what makes ReFirme™ Skin Tightening the choice of celebrities (Carnie Wilson is one)? It's all because of that unique elōs™ technology. Other technologies tend to be too aggressive and cause lasting damage to the skin despite their possible effectiveness, which tends to cancel out the results. They can leave redness, hyper pigmentation, and other serious complexion irregularities. They may also not be suitable for some types of skin, such as very fair or very dark tones. However, the RF combination of ReFirme™ solves these concerns. It's great for all skin types, is extremely gentle yet still achieves fantastic results, and is currently leading the way in terms of skin tightening treatments. That's right; look out for more technologies in the near future featuring RF energy.