Well tonight is my big party night. I'm really pumped. Starting the drinking early, and the clubs close at four. I bought a 26 of Sailor Jerry's for the occasion, and it even came with a little thing of Gibson's whisky. I haven't tried either of these liquors, but I've heard good things.
Sometime this weekend, I assume I'll be carving up a pumpkin. On my browsing I came upon this awesome find.....video game pumpkins!

My favourite is the Link pumpkin, but the above Big Daddy pumpkin is just as delightful. I sometimes wish I was fruito-artistically inclined? Whatever that means. Talk to you guys soon! I'll try to post pictures of my awesome slave Leia costume =)

A useful page to help you get through life

Check out this website. It's a page provided by my university, UBC, but it has information that can apply to any university student.

Go to the website, click on your area of study, and find out what the best jobs for your degree are. I find it really helpful because I'm still unsure of my direction in life. Some of the career paths suggested for my major, international relations, are surprising to me, such as working in international banking or as a international business manager.

I'm definitely planning on researching this further, so check the website out if you're as unsure as I am.

I'll try to focus my blog more on general life tips for young people, such as students, in the future. You'll hopefully get more useful information out of my blog than 'Jackass 3d' reviews ;-)

Jackass 3d

My friends and I went to see Jackass 3d last night. Let me just start off by saying that, like most movies, it wasn't as good as the book.

Sorry, I stole that joke from Conan. But Jackass was hilarious. I'd never seen one of those movies in the theatre, but it's a pretty unique experience because EVERYBODY is making sounds like "ewwwwwww" at the same time or "awww nooooo" at other times. There were some nasty pranks involving shit and puke - the usual Jackass that we know and love.

My favourite prank by far was the one involving 10 midgets in a bar fight. That's all I'm going to say. 

Anyway, for people my age, I recommend it. If you're looking for a movie to see with your mom and dad, don't go to this one.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you guys soon.

Those Crazy Europeans

 I just heard of a tradition from Europe called Bastuloppet. The idea is that college girls and boys strip down and race through downtown city streets. Some people get naked, others leave their underwear on.

I was doing some 'research' on Youtube for this and it looks crazy haha. I can't see myself ever taking off my clothes in front of like 2,000 watching people. But, knowing Europe, I'm sure there was copious amounts of alcohol involved. It still looks damn cold though.

For example, Boobs in a youtube video?

What a crazy, nudity-loving continent. Good for them I guess. It's just pretty strange to my North American mind.

Who should pay on a date?

Well, what do you think?

I've always been a fan of offering to pay for my date's meal one out of every two or three times. I always at least offer, and my date has usually been generous enough to insist on paying.

My girl friend is mad tonight because she was out for dinner with her boyfriend and they ended up getting in a little fight over the bill. The guy didn't want to pay, and eventually he said something along the lines of "If you want me the guy to pay for EVERY date, ALL the time, then I think you should start doing my cooking and laundry, because the first idea is just as antiquated as the second"

I thought that was so good! Serves greedy girls right haha.

-SF <3

Tell me what to buy with my Amazon gift cards

I've recently come into possession of $20 worth of Amazon.ca gift cards. I don't have time to read any books around school, so I need to buy something else. Tell me what you think I should buy, and I'll choose the best comment and order it!

Ideas: discount video games, good headphones, other random cool stuff.

Let's hear your best ideas! Thanks guys.

Country and Western Club

I hate country music.

Every time it comes on I feel like my IQ drops fifty points. Sure, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and the older country stars are great.....but I don't want to debase those people by comparing them to the country of today. It's BRUTAL.

Anyways, tonight I'm being dragged out to a country and western club in town by some friends. The worst part are the guys that are there....either sad, older guys dressed in hats and cowboy boots that have never been worn on a farm, or the young, stupid farmboys who think they're hot shit.

They better have some damn good drink specials. What's your stance on country music?

New Dream Job

So I've been starting to think of what to do after university. I've heard so many horror stories of people working their asses off for yeaaaars of education only to have it amount to nothing when they go back to living with their parents and working at Best Buy for 10 bucks an hour. I think that would really suck, so I figure I should start looking around at jobs now.

CSIS is Canada's version of the CIA. I could be a super cool intelligent officer / spy girl there. I love travelling and James Bond movies, and work in a cool looking building like this, so what's not to love?

Option two is working for this motherfucker:

Just kidding. I have lots of other options (I hope). What do all my student readers want to do when they graduate? Do you guys have a good career planned out yet or are you just winging it like I am?


What is everybody being for Halloween? I just ordered a delightful 'Slave Leia' costume....you know, from Star Wars? Am I the coolest nerdy girl ever or what? It was only like 40 bucks too.

So aside from fighting off waves of sweaty, pimply guys all night, I will also be searching for my Han Solo. I'm thinking out of the thousands of people on campus, there's bound to be one guy dressed up as Han Solo. I just hope he's cute.

What are you guys being for Halloween and where are you partying?

Hyundai Sante Fe

I test drove a Sante Fe with my dad today. It's such a smooth car! I know it's automatic, but there is literally no sensation between gearing up and down. It's decent looking. I can see it fitting our family's lifestyle pretty well. We're going to take the Honda CRV and the Ford whatever-SUV for a test drive tomorrow.

I always assumed Hyundai was a pretty cheap car, but it looks like they've made great strides at erasing that image. I also toyed around with the car below when I was on the lot today. It's slick, but pretty damn expensive. I didn't even know Hyundai had a luxury sedan. It's called the Hyundai Genesis.

Anyways, I don't work for Hyundai or anything. I've always been a Honda girl. I was just impressed with everything I saw today.

Have a great day, followers! And a happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends =)


Have you guys heard of mesothelioma? It's a type of cancer that you get from exposure to asbestos. Anyways, one of my dad's friends just found out that he has it. I think he can get a big court settlement if he plays his cards right, because these types of cases seem to be all over the news.

Anyways, he's very close to me so I'm sincerely hoping for the best for him, and I hope you guys do too.

Note-Taker Position

So I got offered a job as a note-taker at my university. I know I'm already crazy busy with my other job and school, but hear me out.

All I have to do for this job is go to class and take notes from my English professor's lecture. What's that, you say? I already do that for free? Oh yeah. So now, for the extra 5 seconds it takes to e-mail an attached message, I get paid $9/hour for all my in-class hours. AND it's retroactive.

Rollin in mad chedda yo