Tweak Guides

If your computer is getting too old to fully enjoy today's games, then I pity you.

Alternatively, you can seek out guidance on how to maximize the potential of your current hardware. I've been using this site, for many years now.

The site has a general tune-up you can do to your computer, as well as game-specific guides. There is information for both introductory and advanced computer geeks.

Check it out! I can almost guarantee you'll get more frames per second without buying a single thing.

Alternatively, and have some great deals, even after Cyber Monday.

Happy gaming!

300 Followers and a funny pic!

300 FOLLOWERS! I logged in today and I couldn't believe it! That's huge. You guys have made my day. Lots of love to all of you. <3

I don't have time for a significant update today, but I'm sure thinking about this picture will consume your thoughts for the next 5 minutes or so anyway. IT HURTS MY BRAIN! Check it out:

Mind = blown to billions of pieces.

How to Hack Facebook

So I've been trying out this little project the last couple days that I'm sure will interest you. Have you ever REALLY disliked one of your friends, or somebody in your school? I know I have. So, what did I do? I starting learning how to hack Facebook.

It's actually really easy. I have no training in any hacking, but this method does not require it. You find a Facebook friend, or somebody with an open profile, and look for their e-mail address, which is usually listed under info.

Then, go to their e-mail login screen (@hotmail and @yahoo addresses are the easiest ). Pretend you forgot your password, and then answer their secret questions. If you know the person, the questions will be easy. Last night, I was hacking complete strangers so it took a little while before I found an easy question. The accounts I broke into had questions like:

"What is your favourite food?" First answer I chose was pizza, and I got in right away

"What is your favourite colour?" I chose pink, purple, and green ended up being the right answer

"Where was your mother born?" I guessed the closet major metropolitan area, and then some surrounding cities and got in pretty easily

"Who is your favourite person/historical character?" I guessed a few obvious ones, like Gandhi, Stalin, Lenin, but the correct answer ended up being the person's name

With Hotmail, you only get 4 guesses, but with Yahoo, they seem to give you about 10. I hacked into the e-mail accounts of 4 strangers, which led me to their Facebook accounts. I might post pictures of what I did, it's actually pretty funny.

After you have access to their e-mail account, you go to Facebook and get them to send you a password reset link. After that, CONGRATULATIONS, you're into their Facebook.

Isn't that scary easy? I deleted my security questions after seeing how easy it was to hack. Now, google has to call me on my cell phone if I want to reset my password.

MAKE MONEY FROM HACKING FACEBOOKTry this site, which lets you look up all sorts of personal information in order to hack Facebook, including family info, address, telephone numbers, etc.

Very useful. You can identify your target through their e-mail address, name, or phone number.

It's pretty lulzy when you get a target's cell phone info. When you've successfully hacked their Facebook account, you can text them ransom notes to get it back!

Here's the link again. It's called Phone Detective / Email Finder.Happy hacking!

I might be a movie critic!

So this is (potentially) big news for me. I was on Twitter the other day and was following some local news feeds and such (that's really all I do on Twitter, by the way....I'm not one of THOSE loser Twitter people). Anyways, the news feed said that this major local newspaper was looking for a movie reviewer.

I figured, I'm decent at writing (I'm an English minor), and I love watching movies. So I e-mailed the head editor and he sounded very interested in publishing my reviews.

So, the problem is, I've never reviewed movies before, but I usually take a critical look at every movie I watch. I figure it's only a matter of putting my thoughts into words and tada! I'm a movie reviewer.

Unfortunately, it's an unpaid position (with free movie tickets). However, I know something like this would look amazing on a resume, especially if I'm planning on working for a magazine or newspaper in the future.

I'll be typing up my first review today to send in a 'writing sample'. Please post any tips you have on reviewing movies in the comments section! Thanks guys =)

Pic unrelated, but that's what showed up when I googled 'movie reviews'

Guest Speaker on Pilgrimage

Today, we had two guest speakers come in to talk to my anthropology of religion class about pilgrimages. Now, as my avid readers know, I am not a religious person at all. However, I was very interested by the idea of a pilgrimage.

The first speaker told us about how he traveled around the Japanese island of Shikoku for 60 days visiting 88 different Buddhist temples. You can find out more about it at the the wikipedia page. Anyways, the speaker said that he and his son hiked the 1200km journey and were given places to stay, delicious food, and great company along the way by the Japanese people. It sounded like a great way to spend a summer between semesters (if I didn't have to worry about work experience or money....)

The other speaker talked about the pilgrimages of Santiago de Compostella, the Muslim Haj to Mecca, and a couple others that sounded interesting. I'm not even that spiritual, but I feel that I would really enjoy and learn a lot about myself from these sorts of pilgrimages.

So, what do you think? Would you be interested in a pilgrimage or not?

Saran Wrap

So I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm not sure if I have a lower intellect than 90% of the world, but I have severe trouble with using saran wrap.

Since a young age, I have failed to properly wrap potatoes, cover tupperware lids, or cover a sandwich for lunch. I'm left with a mess in my backpack or smelly and yucky potatoes. Today, whilst wrapping up some bacon I cooked for breakfast, I decided that I had had enough of my saran wrap disability; it was time to turn to the internet.

Once again, the Internet did not let me down. Not only did I figure out how to properly use it, this website also showed me many other uses for saran wrap.

Oh, and, for a laugh, type in saran wrap into google and look at the second suggested search term.....who knew saran wrap could prevent pregnancy? XD

I hope everybody is having a good weekend! I haven't gotten to reading all the comments from my previous post yet but I will definitely do that tomorrow. <3

Ugh - Turn it In and Chicago Manual of Style

...Are two of my not-so-favourite things in the world. Turn It In is a new website that lets professors very easily check your originality - it scans your essay and compares it to the millions of other essays in their database and gives you an "originality score". My score is usually 0%, which is good (completely original), but it's annoying having just another hoop to run through.

But what I hate MOST of all are the citation formats and how strict they are. I've lost plenty of marks for forgetting to include an indent in my footnotes here, or a semicolon after that periodical's so painstakingly particular and professors love taking marks off for this crap.

Anyways, I'm currently writing a 22 page paper in Chicago MLA format, and I'm slogging through this stuff as we speak. The only thing that's saving me is an example essay I found on the internet, here

It doesn't help that the official Chicago MLA website is so annoying. You can't just view a sample paper, you have to click through multiple subheadings to find the section you want, only to do it all over again when you use a periodical instead of a book, or whatever.

TL;DR - Strict citation formats suck

God damnit Civilization V

So I have four more weeks of this semester left to go. It's the home stretch. Final papers, final exams, final debates, and other final things are all coming up around the corner.

So what did I do this weekend? I installed Civilization V. Big mistake.

I've experienced the 'just one more turn' style of game addiction in games such as Medieval II: Total War, but this doesn't even come close to how badly I want to play Civilization. There is ALWAYS something to look forward to just one turn ahead, whether it is destroying Gandhi and his capital city (I hate that prick) or just finishing a building like a university, I just can't bring myself away from this game.

I definitely don't want to turn into this chick:

So on that note, I plan on setting myself a time limit of two hours per day for Civilization time, while the rest will be spent on homework. That should at least let me to conquer the world a couple times before Christmas.

Regardless of my personal concerns, Civilization V is a masterpiece of a game. I highly recommend it (if you don't have anything important to do in the next 3 months).


So I've been hearing about this 'Dropbox' thing for a little while. Last night, I took a look at what it actually is and I realized it's going to REALLY help me with university and life in general.

Dropbox lets you put a special folder on each of your computers that you can access anywhere you have internet. For example, I use a netbook for school and a desktop for home and video games. However, I do homework on both computers. I've been caught a couple of times at school when I forgot to bring my homework because I had done it on my desktop and had forgotten to copy it to a USB drive.

So this is going to save me A LOT of hassle, and possibly recover some lost marks. And guess what? If you sign up for Dropbox from my referral link, I get additional space. I already have about 3 gigs without referring anyone, so any additional space is just icing on the cake, especially since it's primarily for school work, but what the hell, right?

Sign up! It's sweet: here's my link!